Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Alphonsus Peck -- Speaker for Odin

In Triskele, Castan had become Tyr, and Tyr has now become Odin. It seems that the Guardians were already worshiping Odin, so Odin has become part of the Triskele Pantheon.

Unlike Castan, Odin, for those who don't already know it, is based on a real pagan god. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odin) Odin is considered the chief god in Norse mythology. He is considered the god of wisdom, war, battle and death. He is also attested as being a god of magic, poetry, prophecy, victory and the hunt. He is depicted at a stragely haired, one-eyed warrior, having given up his eye to obtain wisdom. He had a team of hot battle chicks (Valkyries) who went out to retrieve worthy warriors after battle.

Odin, therefore, is not entirely Castan-like. Still, he is a major god who could quite possible have been the god of my ancestors. Honor and valor could certainly be attributed to him, but not quite honesty. Cunning was more Odin't style, and he didn't mind resorting to a bit of cleaver trickery to achieve his ends. Odin is a seriously cool god whom I have no trouble standing behind.

I plan to put a slightly nicer face on Odin, but I suspect that the god knew how to party. I plan to update the Castan festival to make it a bit wilder and Odin like. Odin already as a cool enough symbol that can be readily adapted to SL--three interlinking triangles. I'm going to miss the gold lion, but at least this is a symbol I can build easily myself.

I had a nice long talk with Bri tonight, and I'll need to talk to a large, muscular dude by the name of Cult tomorrow. He is the chief of the Guardians, and I'm going to run all my festival ideas past him. Bri has already approved them.

Wren is now the Speaker for the goddess of nature (whose name I can't recall at the moment). I need to try to help Bri come up with a good symbol for the Triskele cleric's guild, perhaps a Celtic cross? I'm hoping I can talk Alpha into letting me have a copy of one of her crosses. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm also going to take the freebie dracula cape and see if I can mod it to work with to work as cloaks for our higher level acolytes. We can color it as necessary and add the god's symbol to it. Lots of work to do, but lots of fun to do it.

Odin be with you all. What ever struggles you face, fight them heroicly, and you too will earn a place in Valhalla. Lots of good food, lots of Valkyries or warriors (depending on your gender preferences), and lots of rowdy fun. I can think of worse ploaces to be.


Wren said...

WOW... Alphonsus...what a God to take on!
He's a complicated guy, and comes with a whole load of backstories. I have never worked out if he is an old drunken letch, or a ancient wise man. Good luck finding out!
I guess there is a certain appeal to taking on a God or Goddess whos myths are already in place. It should give a firm foundation to whatever you do with him. I am attempting to flesh out Parlamay the goddess of nature, but with no backstory she's still in her infancy.
I wish you and your fellow clerics, mead, gold, beautiful women(or men) and wisdom!

Anonymous said...

/me raises her glass of wine and toasts to the newest speaker of Odin!

I also wonder about Wren's comment... is there really a difference between an old drunken letch and a wise man? Are the two exclusive of each other?

/me suddenly has visions of a Norse Mythology themed PHC session.... :)

malakyte said...

Hmmm.. with Alphonsus taking Odin and Wren taking Parlemay that leaves me to choose one of the others, either knowlege or magic or dragons. I would think that knowlege and magic could be combined into a dragons religion.

But i am still uncertain if i want to be in charge of my own religion!

Wren said...

/me laughs.. your absolutely right Mykyl, drunken old letches might well be wise sometimes!
I think what I meant was that he is a God of contradictions, not quite a clear cut as Castan was.
However if anyone was capable of taking him on, I am absolutely sure Alphonsus is the right man!

Anonymous said...

*grins* wisdom, magic, celtic crosses, hot battle chicks - where do I sign up? :D

"lots of good food" which invariably is going to involve pizza, right? :P

"... resorting to a bit of cleaver trickery..." that's where you take your axe and spin it 270 degrees before slicing your opponent's typonese to ribbons, right? "Ho, your puns are weak, old man..." ;-)

Hmm... a Norse PHC session... (`.`)... *dashes away to dust off her Valkyrie outfits* :)))

Hobbit Ripley said...

Hobbit raises a hand at the mention of anything celtic... not that he's biased.

For the record, Hobbit is a born again ham and pineapple lover.