Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Triskele Council

Because my RL animator had chorus tonight, I didn't get in world tonight until late. When I did get in world I was immediately nabbed by Malie to sit in as second at the council meeting in place of Bri. It was an interesting and long meeting, and I put in my 4 cents several times. The Queen stated at the end that she would like to have seconds at all the meetings.

Works for me. I really enjoyed watching how it all works behind the scenes. Next meeting is on Monday.

I managed to qqqqqqqqqqqqa Q1

(16 hours later...)

Well, I don't remember what I managed to do because I fell asleep at the keyboard again. I have a bit of a cold and the cold medicine does a number on me.

Anyway, I got an invitation to the Triskele council group this afternoon. I will officially be a member of the council when I log in next time. There will be a cleric's meeting either today or tomorrow evening. Some good ideas were presented by Stormy and Chance (ex-drow King and Queen of Everwind) regarding the cleric's guild.

Gotta get back to doing whatever it is I do around here. Love, peace, and Coca-Cola to everyone. Later.

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