Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm working on the stories. I have a wonderful start on Wildstar's singularity (I have a different understanding on what the event really means, and I'm exploring that angle.) I should be able to get a full short story out of that one, which perhaps later could be expanded to a novella. I have cute beginnings to Mykyl's Frog that likes Pizza idea, and Malakyte's dragon idea. Mykyl's idea probably will never get beyond a beginning. The idea I have for Malakyte could potentially be expanded to a full length novel, but probably never will be.

FD's idea of explaining the black whole I fell into for a while is kind of frightening to me. What I could do there is deep, insightful, extremely painful essay and the whatness of which. I'm not sure I'm emotionally strong enough to explore that one at this time. I could go a silly route, but silly just doesn't feel right for that one. 'Tis a sad tale, full of woe. We shall see.

So, I am busy working. It's just taking some time, as my availability to free time is limited and the use of the free time I have is far from optimal. I don't know if I'll publish in the order requested yet.



malakyte said...

Well at least that is a creative start. If i think of anything more interesting i will let you know.

This is actually a great idea to have someone else state the idea, great for writers block im sure as well as artists block...Heheheh. If you think of subjects for me to paint or draw would you let me know please?

Princess Ivory said...

For those of you who don't know about it, INKsters is a great writers group in SL. They send out a daily topic. You have 24 hours to write 500 words or less and submit it. Knotty picks daily winners and you win a *small* cash prize. And each month she puts them all together in an anthology so you can read the work of your peers. It's lots of fun, and they have a great hangout in the Cookie sim.

FD Spark said...

That is okay Alphonsus you don't have too to tell any frighting or sad
I turned off the oldest blog to public viewing except for view because there some feelings and
thoughts it just best not to have
it public.
Anyway when I was thinking about the black hole you traveled, I was thinking of literal one.
I personally had images more of you as special type of astronaut traveling through a black hole, discovering wormholes of space discovery the mysteries and magic in on the other side of a hidden dimensions where you found a magical wondrous place and it took a while to return because
it was very nice there.