Saturday, June 14, 2008

I feel like writing tonight. Not sure what yet. My brain is just in the mood for some deep thinking, and I thought I throw some random stuff out there and see what I come up with.

Today, in real life, I attended a pig roast. The food was wonderful and, while my daughter was somewhat disturbed by the look of the pigs head in the garage, empty eyes staring at her, she had a good time swimming and otherwise.

Tomorrow is Father's Day, which, as is usual, turns into a somewhat stressful day for me, trying to keep everyone happy. It will work out well enough, I suspect. I plan to take my daughter out to the Cranbrook Science Museum (like I have for the previous two years), as she expressed interest in going again. This could be a wonderful father's day tradition. I love the museum my the ascots I heard.

Good night. too tired to write anymore.

1 comment:

Princess Ivory said... all makes sense except this: "I love the museum my the ascots I heard."

Were you falling asleep? That would have resulted in something more this "lks ibfd kfgn't."

Yours however is beautifully written. Is it a secret code? Am I not one of the privileged few who understand it? Are the aliens calling you home? You don't even know what an ascot IS.

You're a deep man, Alphonsus Peck.

Princes Ivory