Friday, May 30, 2008


Physically, what makes us live seems as a miracle. Brains, neurons, blood, air...the fact that we live, if you think about it, is the most incredible thing in the world. That this ragtag collection of glued together meat can walk and talk and even sometimes think is incomprehensible.

We are wondrous miracles, each of us. We are all perfect in the eyes of creation. We are as we are, and to throw away this incredible gift of life, to me, would be unthinkable.

Even if you can't embrace the miracle of life, the least you can do is stand around and be awed by it. We are all far more miraculous then the Grand Canyon, only much closer and much easier to explore without riding on a donkey.


Mykyl said...

...and sometimes we are deeper than the grand canyon too...

Princess Ivory said...

I feel much closer to myself when riding on a donkey.