Thursday, May 29, 2008

Learning to love yourself

There was a time when I hated EVERYTHING about myself. Then I realized that my pancreas had never hurt me or anyone else. So, I learned to love my pancreas. Then I learned to love the muscles in little toe. Gradually I realized that all of me was really just doing the best that it could given the circumstance.

So start small. Repeat the phrase over and over again: Love me, love my pancreas.


Anonymous said...

I started working through my body parts and had to agree with you, but when I got to my mouth I had to pause - it has hurt others on occasion. My mouth though is but a small part of me, and in some cases it has been able to help others, so I guess that the sum total of me is probably fairly lovable, so I think I will continue with your excellent advice and just love all of myself for the balance of good I feel that is in me. :)

Wildstar said...

Wise words Alphonsus :)

Princess Ivory said...

Umm...where exactly is my pancreas? And what does it do?

I am withholding love until I determine if it is worthy.

Princess Ivory

Alphonsus said...

Mykyl, even your mouth is really just doing the best it can under the circumstances. It deserves love too.

And Princess, I just looked up the pancreas in Wikipedia, and I'm still not quite sure what it does. It sure sounds important though. It's doing its little job well. It is worthy of your love.

Anonymous said...

The pancreas houses the cells that produce insulin, for one thing - it must be good, without it we could not eat chocolate! :))) I certainly love my pancreas!!!!

Princess Ivory said...

Ah, chocolate. I love my pancreas.

Princess Ivory

AuroraSkye said...

Awww this is so cute!!! And great advice! And since it allows us to have chocolate - I love my pancreas too!