Saturday, February 2, 2008


[RL] A flu bug mugged me, stole all my strength, and left me for dead last night. 101.3 temperature. Blah.

I'm still not exactly up for taking on the world today. In fact, my computer chair with the desktop computer strong enough to run SL seems impossibly difficult right now. As a result, I'm planning to be quite useless today. I'm not sure yet if I will go in-world (I REALLY want to talk to Winkie and get our bonfire event set up.) Cleric heal thyself.

Massive headache right now. I've been awake for almost half an hour. Time to take a nap, I think. Toodles.


Mykyl said...

/me lays a cool towel over your forehead and hopes you will be back with us soon - we are missing you at PHC just now. :(

Be well sir.

malakyte said...

Awww.. well let your animator take a break and get well please. You need him to be well and that takes time and lots of rest.

I have something to show you when you are back but only after you are feeling much better.