Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Master Peck's R Us

Well, the evening started out easily enough.

I had to take care of a small bit of Everwind business. I was in the midst of this when Mykyl contacted me and asked me to stop by when I could. I took care of Everwind tasks and zapped myself over to Faeria. Mykyl was there, standing in her new village, and wondering if I wanted my shop moved there.

I said yes, and I confidently picked which location I wanted. Then my business manager (the Princess) showed up, patted me on the head as if to say, "Hee hee. That's cute dear. Now get out of my way," and told Mykyl which location I really wanted.

I decided that I didn't want to use one of Mykyl's prefabs and said that I wanted to work on my own build, so we got out measuring tapes and bulldozers and started reforming the land and laying a foundation. Once that was done, we decided to move my Cataporter out of the way a bit. I moved fine, but I didn't trust that it moved fine, so I tested each setting to ensure that I didn't bump into any walls while hurling about the sim.

So, I finally got to working on the texture for my foundation (it took quite a bit of time to find just the right one), and I had time to put up a single wall before before a man I had contacted earlier who owned a new Sim responded to my query about putting up a shop there. We IMd a bit, when he decided to TP me over.

My business manager came with me, and we found a good store front. He then started taking us on a tour of the city / ocean / forest. It really is an incredible sim. I just wish I could remember the name of it. Not to worry. I'll have another Master Peck franchise there before the end of the week, and I'm sure I'll mention it in another post.

The only problem is that I agreed to hang around there and to be a role-player. Which sounds like fun in principle, but in practice will take up more of my time, of which I am already short some 26 hours for each day that goes by. I made a commitment, and I'll stick with it. If the sim takes off, it'll be magnificent, and I'll have a good location from which to sell my goods. If it doesn't, well, we'll worry about that should that eventually come to pass.

So I've expanded to basically six locations. Faeria, by far my biggest and best store, 4 vending devices in two sims for the Period Stop, my Enchanted Frog Gadgets store in Ballyboo, my generic Master Pecks / Enchanted frog cross breed store with Oaktree shops and Skye Qi in Zebranky, and the new shop I'm setting up in the sim whose name I can't remember but that I've just investigated this night. I have one person who wants me to set up a Cataporter to sell in his sim, and a woman called Celina who wants me to build some specific new products and also wants me to set up shop in her sim. That's eight locations. Count my SLExchange and SLBoutique accounts that goes up to 10 locations.

None of this is quite adding up to instant wealth. This is a perfect get-rich-very-slowly scheme. It's not quite like Ginko as far as instant profits are concerned, but I'm quite happy with my return.

Hey. It's a living.


Wildstar said...

three people entered Wildstar's office asking why he was laughing so aloud after he read about the business manager explaining what Alphonsus really wanted :)

Anonymous said...

hee hee... :) The Queene really should pay more attention to what you are doing and learn from you - she could use some of that "get rich slowly" magic herself - but she gets caught up too much in building villages and forests to bother with money. :)

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you build there though - I think that is going to turn out to be a really neat little corner of the village - and did I mention that I intend to call the road from the tp up there on the west side "Ivory Lane"? :)

Anonymous said...

*giggles* can just imagine the big chain-store owner being patted on his head cutely, "That's nice dear..." X-)...

Ooo... does this mean if I throw L$100,000 at you, you _won't_ give me L$3,750 back after nine months? X-/

Princess Ivory said...

Maybe it's time to go corporate and issue an IPO. You all could be stock holders in the Master Peck's R Us franchise. We promise to pay no dividends, and to withdraw all of your money as our salaries. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

How is that any different from anything else in SL (or RL for that matter :P)? Oh, that's right, at least you're being _honest_ about it ;-).