Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Change, growth, and friendships

There is so much going on with me and around me that I hardly know how to begin. The Princess and I have been working on our waterfall project in east Huin, and our progress has been, to our astonishment, staggering. The combination of our creativity, Kindred Spirit, and Faeria magic seemed to join with us last night, and the falls are suddenly looking quite impressive. There is, of course, still much to be done, but their appearance is suddenly something majestic, and our work on them is exciting. We can’t wait to see what they will end up looking like.

Welcome, FD, to what is becoming a little kingdom of friends. Not only the physical ownership, but the spirit of Faeria, Our Lady, and Kindred Spirit land has virtually taken over two entire Sims. The group, “Gathering of Kindred Spirits”, created by the Princess, truly seems to represent best what this is all about. I wait patiently but with excitement to see how these lands will develop. Between the Queene of Faeria, the Princess of the Kindred Spirits, the Root Prim of the Brotherhood, and Alpha (Alpha, you definitely need a better title for yourself), we have transformed what was once typical scraggly old mainland to a place of ever increasing beauty.

I have completed the second mission necessary to my becoming a Cleric of Everwind, worshiper of the god Castan, who is the embodiment of truth. I, too, am a seeker of truth, wisdom, and a defender of justice. I await my third mission, which will be a true quest to seek for a lost relic of importance to worshipers of Castan. Sounds like fun.

May all find happiness and joy in all their endeavors.


Anonymous said...

um... personally, "Miss Alpha" works quite well, and that is coming from the "Faeria Gardener" ... not the Queene... :)

I intentionally did not go back to see your progress last night on the falls, I'm going to wait a couple of days (NOT!) and let it really surprise me. I wish you luck on your quest sir! I'll try to have the blood of a thousand snakes on hand this time just in case... :)

Anonymous said...

/me grins and hugs her "Sculpted Sister Prim" title... and is continually surprised at the exalted company in which she finds herself these days... Queenes, Princesses, Masters, Root Prims, Vampires, Furs... enough to make one's head swell unmanageably :P.

Aurora has given me another, "Bratty Sis" (to which she is "Catty Sis" :), but somehow that doesn't seem to fit either...

Oh well, I'm very happy being just 'Alpha', in memory of another Alpha in a land _far_ away... if you're curious and you can handle reading right-to-left, please have a look at the first 100 pages or so of this site or start reading right away in here... (be warned, this is _not_ Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Dragonball or Ranma... something _far_ greater... ;-).

FD Spark said...

Thank you for the welcome Alphonsus. Now if only my allignment issues would clear themselves up lol