Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Poem: Sitting in her daddy's Rolls...

Sitting in her daddy's Rolls
there lounged a pretty girl
And laying back, she saw a star
(which she mistook for a pearl).

But when she reached up to the sky
to pull the bauble down,
the Universe fell across her lap
and wrecked her pretty gown.

Alphonsus Peck's real life avatar. Circa 1980 something.


Catherine Moody said...

Hey Alphonsus your poem is wonderful! I'd love to learn about its context.

Alphonsus said...

When one truly learns about the nature of reality, even by accident, one will instantly find many other preconceived notions changed. Their lives will never be the same.

Princess Ivory said...

This is the poem I want him to paint. From the very first time I heard it, it struck me as a painting.